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We will learn about great composers and the history of music. Each student would also prepare a piece for a mini-performance, which the other students would critique. This builds good listening skills and helps each student learn what to listen for and work on in their own playing. We will discuss the performance anxiety and how to prepare for the upcoming Recitals and the Festival. This is also a good opportunity for students to collaborate and work on ensembles.

Playing in ensembles and participating in group classes increases retention, interest in practicing and performing, perfect the skills of counting, melodic movement, and accompaniment. Also, piano does not have to be strictly a solo activity!

Dance, soccer, swimming are all done in groups. Once given an opportunity to be a part of a duet or trio, students actually want to practice and perform! The element of positive peer pressure is a very good thing in piano lessons.

Playing becomes really fun! Once students realize they can play well, they gain more confidence and are more eager than ever to tackle solos that once would have overwhelmed them. Plus, music making with someone helps promote friendship and some of the friendships are for life.

​Group Classes

Regardless of age or ability level, a student’s musical growth can benefit from a group oriented learning environment. There are four group classes built into the school year. Group class takes the place of an individual lesson that week. There are three to five students in a group. The class time is used to reinforce many theory concepts through game play, have a rhythmic and melodic dictation, composition, ear and rhythm training activities.