​Irena Burkett Piano Studio - Welcome to Viva, Musica!

        Our 5-year-old son is taking lessons with Ms. Burkett and we are elated with the experience. Ms. Burkett brings all facets of music instruction and multiple learning methods to her teaching. It is not the old days of just assigning a few pieces and forcing the child to play them over and over again. We are seeing great leaps in our son's understanding of music theory and rhythm. Great teacher!"
Laurel J., West Linn, OR

​Hi, my name is Irena Burkett - welcome to my Piano Studio "Viva, Musica!" located in historic Oregon City. Do you want to start playing piano or continue your piano studies? I love teaching the Language of Music and enjoy working with both children and adults! I teach beginners (5 and older) through advanced, classical through contemporary, beginning composition and improvisation. Adult students are welcome. Comprehensive musicianship instructions: ear and rhythm training, solfège, harmony, technique, and artistry.


I can't wait to help you get started on your musical journey, but I understand you probably have at least a few questions. I'd love to hear from you! Our Resources page also has many helpful hints and tips. 


At Irena's Piano Studio, the performance opportunities are abundant. Students can choose as many or as few events as they would like to participate in. No matter what age or level students are, there is something for everyone. Click below to learn about these great opportunities.

         I took lessons from Irena for several years. Irena has a gift for both teaching and music, giving her a unique ability above other teachers to reach students regardless of age or experience level. Her ability to diagnose problems and provide constructive solutions to those problems is truly amazing. Irena is extremely patient with her students and has an unmatched passion for both music and teaching which she carries over to her students, this is probably why she has no shortage of students. I highly recommend Irena to anyone looking for a piano teacher!"
L. Wege, Portland, OR

Irena Burkett, Instructor

         Ms. Irena Burkett is highly educated and trained with impeccable credentials, and also has a real gift for teaching and making lessons fun for my grandchild. Her comprehensive musicianship pedagogy covers every aspect of music, such as sight reading, ear training, improvising, and composing. She trains her students to have excellent technique from the very first lesson, and teaches an eclectic mix of styles and genres. The lessons are never stagnant or boring, as the student goes from one activity to another and the time passes so quickly!" 
Barbara King, Piano Teacher, Portland, OR

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Lessons are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each student. This includes a balance of theory, sight-reading, ear training and repertoire appropriate to the student's level of proficiency. Please note: Your tuition includes ALL core music as needed each semester.